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Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom known as Manhattan, New York, there lived a young prince. Though on the inside he was compassionate, intelligent, and very very sweet, the prince was terrified of getting hurt by a young maiden, and so concealed his true being from the world by hiding behind the title 'playboy'. One night, while attending a grand ball on the Upper East Side, the prince came across a fair maiden and was immediately taken aback by her beauty and uncanny ability to enjoy herself. The prince was astonished at the feeling this young maiden awoke inside him; for though the prince had had copious amounts of beauties for lovers, he had never before had feelings of such astronomical magnitude for a single maid in particular. The night spent between the two lovers was filled with energetic dancing and sweet secretive caresses in each others embrace; and when dawn broke over the buildings and the kingdom awoke with it's magical sounds of car horns and police sirens, the two vowed to never forget each other and parted sorrowfully.

The young prince was still astounded by the feelings that erupted inside him at the mere thought of the fair maiden, and began to wonder if it was possible that the maid felt as strongly for him as he did for she. Many weeks past in the kingdom, and the prince soon found himself completely enveloped in the loving embrace of the fair maiden. The young lovers spent every possible moment they could together; and as time passed in the kingdom, and the two fell deeper and deeper in love with each other, the prince's disguise began to fade away as he opened up his heart to the maiden and allowed her to finally see his true identity. After the two had been together for almost twelve months time, the devious thoughts and bubbles of suspicion that had first haunted our young prince in the beginning of his great romance with the young maiden began to fester and resurface. Once again the prince began to wonder if it was truly possible for the maiden to love him as much as he did she. Now the prince, who was handsome and wealthy by blood, became convinced that his beloved was in search of something other than his devoting love and admiration for her. Rather than listening to the sweet words of truth the young maiden continually whispered to him during their splendorous throws of passion, the prince became overwhelmed with jealousy and suspicion and soon fell back into his old ways of deceit and lustfulness.

After learning from her lady in waiting that her beloved had deceived her and betrayed the love they had shared together, the young maiden gathered what was left of her pride and left the young playboy prince. Overcome with sorrow at the lose of her love, the maiden fell into a deep spell of depression and soon found even the daily symphony of car horns that surrounded her in the magical kingdom too painful a reminder of her lost beloved. And so to keep herself from going mad with sorrow, the young maiden abandoned her beloved kingdom and moved to a far away swamp-land in the middle of nowhere.

Several years passed, and soon the maiden had all but forgotten the handsome, brooding prince that had for so long possessed her heart. The prince, who had also fallen under a menacing spell of depression after the departure of his lost love, still had not allowed his true self to be revealed to any maid since his former lover had abandoned their dearest kingdom. One day, several months after the maiden had lost yet another lover to jealousy and deceit, she consulted her magic mirror and asked it "Mirror, mirror in the hall, what is new on my Facebook wall?" The mirror replied by showing the maiden a message sent to her from the kingdom that seemed so far away from the horrors of the swamp she occupied now. After reading the message the maiden was overwhelmed with a flurry of emotions at the news of her prince's crusade through the swamp-area. Though both had had many romances in the years since they had parted, neither one was willing to entirely forget the other. When it came time for the two to be reunited with each other, the former lovers were so overcome by love and relief at the sight of one another that all former pretenses faded away like mist and the young couple spent the remainder of their time together locked in each others embrace. When it came time for the prince to part with is beautiful maiden, he vowed that he would never again love another until the time that his love was able to return to him and their kingdom. As a symbol of his love and devotion to her, the prince gave his dear maiden the golden band he had received from his studies and vowed to send word to her every night until they were once again together. The maiden had affected the prince in such a tremendous magnitude that the prince never again lusted over another maiden and remained faithful to his love until they were reunited in the kingdom that had for so long, harbored their love and dissolved their stubbornness.

The End
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zacoroneman Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Omg I love love love it!!!!!! <3
luckyclover97 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thnxs:) based on a true story...
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